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Dollhouse Lightning


by R.U.U.N.E.

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released November 27, 2017

::recorded at feather and a half::

::written, arranged, and performed by ruune::

play !the hex collection video game! at:

album art by @pasta.gradient on instagram

ruune is a multi-media creator, and more of their work
can be found at


all rights reserved



R.U.U.N.E. Amherst, Massachusetts

pop musician, writer, multi-media artist, and
spiritual aid

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Track Name: GHODESS
[now i know that the men out there haven't been socialized to move or dance or express themselves, but i think the rest of you can help me out] [i am not a boy or a girl or a woman or a man but right before i die you'll catch a glimpse of my final form: the figurine of a goddess] [i cannot explain all the time who i am or who i am not, but i can tell you who i got: the figurine of a goddess] [now; i know its not marketable to repeat yourself, but i guess ill have to start again to make myself clear] [oh good you've caught up, i guess now we can continue, i guess ill see you on the other side: goodbye]
Track Name: IS IT ENOUGH
[if you are too sick to go to the temple i will go in your stead: ill dream with my body and summon a god to save you from your debt. draining my body of all of its blood i hope my prayer will be enough: sleep will show the cure] [is it enough? this heartless love, is it enough to just eradicate the poison. is it enough: this healer's touch? sleep will show the cure] [alpha omega will bring us back to the start just hit restart//restart, back to the time before the darkness appeared and just destroyed your heart]
[im here I'm queer and i have nothing to wear that doesn't make me hate the way that i appear to you. hang something on my waist and something on my ears: just because its gender doesn't mean it disappears] [drowning in a big blue skirt doesn't make me hurt doesn't make me learn fitting into tiny red jeans doesn't seem to work and you know what that means] [gonna wear it anyways even if it almost kills me] [don't look good in this and don't look good in that: gonna just imagine how i look in this hat. don't get me a mirror i don't want to get the bat: did i shave all my facial hair do i look like a rat?]
[do you ever feel like you were always born with this: wretched virus and poison blood. what kind of blueprints when did somebody come up with this lack of direction and lack of vision?] [i have the blood of comet, i have the eyes of a fool. have the strength of the survivor and i am coming for you: i beat the light of a star and i can beat this too, don't you dare tell me how i ought to live] [st augustine don't tell me how i ought to be; just let me drive this legacy into the ground] [chaos is the only truth when it is a part of you. are you one of the few who are cursed for life?] [everything comes and goes, when you go toe to toe with shadows in your soul. broken, so bare bores i have the single goal: to be as bright as the solar suffering]
[my hand is on fire, the mistakes i have shown: there is no way to light up my way home. the sea is my home now, its a gift to be submerged: and turn to hail when i come back] [i will keep on telling myself this is victory: siren pillar cold light blade] [somethings protecting me from diving in too deep, but there are some things i need to learn there to keep the promises i made, so that i can release the promises i made so that i can believe] [big moon why you singing out of tune, is it cause your stolen?]
Track Name: TRASH FIRE
[the first week of october i was towered i was tower: lightning struck i was paper and then i burned. i am made of things i threw away: i am burning all those things today] [am i trash fire? am i?] [cast a circle draw a square and light a fire over there: call their names so you can clear your name of pain thats theirs to bear] [banish me from myself: let the embers glow before they end. close the circle leave it there, start my life over again. i'm fine now]
*originally released by skip, jump records off "rizingfeniximogi"

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